Friday, October 25, 2019

Hardtop Project Part 3

So for most of the week Paul and his guys have been working full days building the mold for the bottom side of the hardtop, the side you will see. I think it is almost done. The mold is made up of multiple layers of 1/2" MDF. Very labour intensive. It has been apart numerous times before final lamination and gluing (West System Epoxy). Every panel is labeled, dowel pins ensue perfect alignment
The last day and a half have been spent fairing, sanding and sealing.

Sanding and sealing the mold. Everything has to be perfect. Not easy to see here but all edges are radiused, channels are tapered. If not done correctly the part will not release properly from the mold, will have tear outs and will require a lot of after mold repair not only time consuming but it would add weight.  If you are wondering why I am obsessed with weight, I like it down low, not up high. 

Below is the top of the hard top, (see part 2) just being "unbagged". This structure weighed in at 70lbs!
The beam of light across the panel is pure Trini 8am sunlight!

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