Sunday, September 24, 2017

Phone Blogging

I had some challenges blogging and using Sylken Sea email from my previous phone. Seems now there were account conflicts with Google Apps and accounts running on my older Samsung (Android 4.4). Now using an unlocked international Google Pixel and Android 8 OS. No bloatware,  junk apps, all Chrome. So far working great, 2 days into it.


Gut wrenching is the only way I can describe the feeling as images and information slowly emerge from Dominica. I don't know how they will rebuild.

Friday, September 8, 2017


It is painful to watch the destruction this storm has inflicted and we fear that many of our friends will be affected.  These are wonderful islands, warm friendly people many of whom do not have the resources that we take for granted. Many of the vendors we have dealt with for fresh produce rely on their garden plots to provide them a living. Small restaurant owners, street vendors, cafe owners etc rely on the tourist season to earn an income and support their families. The local fishermen operate out of small open boats, many of which I am sure have been swept away.  In a few terrifying hours many have lost all including their homes and schools. It will take months and perhaps years for many to recover, our hearts go out to them.

Sylken Sea was very fortunate, we hauled in Antigua last May and went into covered storage. Although only 40 miles south of Barbuda, Antigua suffered much less damage and we are told the boat yard did a great job preparing for the storm and did not suffer any significant damage.  North Sound Marina is a modern boatyard, all concrete with good services.