Monday, August 23, 2010

Catch Up!

I've been a bit neglectful I know, so to bring you all up to date:

After Pocomoke we headed south once again.  Met up with Art & Barb Dister on the '48, "Follow Me" and follow we did, down to Wrightsville Beach where we spent three days riding out the "rains" of  hurricane Ida.  After that we headed south, some ICW, some off shore, visited Charleston (awesome) and St. Augustine (OK).  Spent several freezing cold months hanging out at Harborage meeting and getting to know other 'Krogenites', then our friends Bob, Kathie and their son Owen joined us on a cruise across Okeechobee where we had the pleasure of hooking up with our other friends Ken & Ann Steer, (the ones who got us into this boating thing in the first place).  Note, they have wisely moved into an RV.  After Okeechobee we cruised with Bob Kathie & O to the Keys and back around to South Beach Miami where it was still freezing cold but at least the food and company were great!

Back to Harbourage for a while where Sylvianne & I left the boat for a bit and went off to Taiwan to visit our daughter Danielle her husband Jon and to meet our brand new granddaughter Anelize!  Finally!!!!!!!  March 26 we crossed the gulf stream to the Bahamas, mon!  We explore, swim, kayak, attempt to catch bonefish, have one scary "night from hell" and then all settles down for six weeks of 10-15 kt winds, sun, and +80F water that is so crystal clear it is magical.  Ah, yes, the Bahamas, it's all about the water!  Meet and hang around with the Carpenter's of Mystic Princess. Good time eh guys?

We have some company throughout the spring. Sylvianne's brother Sylvio and wife Patti joined us in the Bahamas for a week. It was really cool swimming with the nurse sharks at Manjack.  And Mom, whom we nearly drowned in the surf at Hope Town. Good sport though, never complained (or called the cops on us).  Mom joined us on the "crossing" back to the US, 34 hours with Steadfast & crew leading the way.  Mom, glad you were able to experience that, and the dolphins in the bow wake!

Along with Steadfast, we hooked up with Dave & Beverly Feigis of Cloverleaf in Charleston. Now that was a blast!  The Spilotto festival is not to be missed. Charleston is becoming one of our favorite places.

Heading north we anchored in Adam's Creek. The locals were shrimping and a friendly couple came by to chat and offer us a bag of the freshest wild shrimp possible. Thanks so much we say, and "how much?" we asked. "Oh no", they replied "just thought it would be a good way to promote north south relations. Welcome to the Carolinas"!  Heading north from there we chose the route up Pamlico Sound, got chased by a squall line and found refuge just in time. This reminded us another time in the North Channel a few years ago...but that's another story.

We hooked up with Steve and Teresa of Sea Quill on Roanoke Island. We had a great evening and a feast of crab at dinner. Thank you for that, they were wonderful!  And wow, what a trophy room!  Fishing friends, #2lb test world records, those are tough!

North we went but at a leisurely pace. Good tie up for free at Great Bridge, chatted with other cruisers. Headed up the Bay in the am, arrived in Pocomoke City in time for the 4th of July celebrations at Arthur & Eloise's place. We also hooked up once again with Ray and Bonnie from Crackerjack.

A few weeks home for the arrival and celebrations of our daughter Dan, Jon & G-Baby Anelize, They stay for 5 weeks. 

Back to Pocomoke City with Dan & Anelize (Jon had to go home to make some $$$). We cruise with Ray & Bonnie from Crackerjack who have Wanda & Paul aboard.  We do the poker run in Nandua and then head off to Yorktown, VA. WOW!  A lot of history here! The guided tour at the National Park battlefield is not to be missed. Do plan to go.

Great to have Dan & baby Anelize on board!

Whew, I'm getting worn out here.  It is now August 23, 2010.  We're back in Pocomoke, planning for our fall cruising, and then...............the rendezvous.