Friday, March 30, 2012

Black Point

DSCF1393 DSCF1392 We stop at Black Point Settlement with Ken & Carol. A local church group is hosting a fund raiser.  BBQ ribs, bbq chicken, cole slaw, mac & cheese and peas & rice.  True Bahamian fare!  We take ours to the Scorpio Bar & Restaurant where we wash it all down with a couple of Kaliks.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


We hook another nice mahi. Ken M. (aka 'K. Smooth') reels this one in. We enjoy it over a few meals. We had it pan fried one day, then blackened another time, then with the little pieces left Ken made mahi “crab” cakes. These were yummy! Oh, and we had enough to make an awesome ceviche.  We had a great ride from Georgetown to Great Guana Cay, anchored at Jack’s Bay, White Point.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chat & Chill

Ken & Carol join us in Georgetown for a week of holidays on Sylken Sea. After a welcome Kalik at the Conch Inn, we pile into the dinghy and “bounce” our way across the harbour to our anchorage at Monument Beach.  As our guests settle in, we get dinner made and the wine opened.  The next morning we take a very wet ride to Sand Dollar Beach to check it out. After lunch we went back into town (another very wet ride) for a “beer run”. We got back, unloaded the goods then immediately got back into the dinghy and drove over to 'Chat & Chill', this time to meet up with Paul, Karin, Jane, and Bill from 'Ann Louise'. We return to Sylken Sea for mahi, Bill joining us for dinner before he headed back to Anne Louise at the marina.  The wind is forecasted to lie down, finally!  We expect to leave for the northern Exumas in the morning. Fingers are crossed.

Monday, March 26, 2012


In Georgetown we find 'Ann Louise' at the Marina. We chat with Bill and his crew after shopping.  In town itself Sammy gets a haircut. We meet up with Jane and Haddya from Escapade and Karen from Dream Weaver.  This ends up in a dinner invitation.  We decide to move to Monument Beach now that the wind has swung back to the north.  We take a dinghy ride to Chat & Chill to visit with Bill and crew, Brady, Jason and Sarah from Ann Louise.  They are good fun.  After a few brews we head back to join Paul, Karen, Jane, Kurt and Haddya for smoked salmon risotto aboard Escapade. Thank you Jane & Kurt!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Red Shanks

We had a hard time finding enough "swing room" until we got to Sand Dollar Beach.  I like at least a 5:1 scope or so in 20' of water. That combined with our 8' bow means we need a fair bit of space feel  comfortable in a blow.  With the winds forecasted to clock around we decide to pick up and go into Red Shanks behind Crab Cay where we know we'll have good shelter.  It's also an easy and protected dinghy ride into town from there. We spend the day doing "boat stuff", like dinghy maintenance, wash off some salt and go for a swim.  We then relaxed on the back deck with a book and wine or beer.  It was a good day.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Great Guana to Georgetown

Perhaps we've already mentioned this, but it has been very windy here this year and  the temps rather cool.  The water is 74-75 degrees and the air temperatures are 74-78F.  I like it at about 5-10 degrees warmer. In fact 80-85 degrees is perfect.  It's also very dry here so warm temperatures are nice and comfortable.

The winds are all “trade winds” at 090-120 degrees but they are relentless, 20+ kts seems to be the norm this year.  OK at anchor in the lee but it's a challenge to head into the ocean for fishing or crossing to some other interesting destinations.

This morning we decide to make the trip to Georgetown. It's not a long trip or a big “crossing”, about 8 hours, but we hope to catch a mahi for dinner.  We're departing at 8 am so we can time the tide at the cut. The wind is still a bit gusty at 15-20kts. We stay in the lee on the bank side for the first 2 hours, then out Galliot Cut we go at high slack tide. The cut is “flat” but the seas are not, 4-6’ on the nose so it's bouncy!

As soon as we get into 200 feet of water out go two lines on the out riggers (too rough to set extra lines off the boat deck).  Shortly thereafter we have our first mahi!  Then a bit later, another! We clean them and carry on.  The wind and seas have dropped a bit to 14 kts with 3-4' seas. That's much better.

After a lunch of Sylvianne's fresh baked bread and egg salad, oranges and a can of V8, the admiral says I can keep fishing as long as I am releasing.  We have plenty to eat.  I agree, unless of course we get a small tuna. Hmmm sashimi!  No such luck. Just before Conch Cut, near the entrance to Elizabeth Harbour, we hook a ‘cuda'. We let that toothy guy go.

It's very crowded at Monument Beach. Dream Weaver and Escapade are there. They come by in their dinghy to welcome us. We can't find enough “swing room”  near them to make me happy so we thread our way through the anchorage. We try at Volleyball Beach but cannot get the hook to hold.  Again, as always, it is crowded. I think the holding here is just plain “worn out”.  Eventually we get to Sand Dollar Beach with plenty of space to swing and the anchor grabs right away.

We are here, wine time, mahi for dinner!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Jack's Bay Cove

Jack's Bay Cove; a wonderful spot in a trade wind .  We kayak the rocky shore. Looks like we should have snorkeled here as well. We think it might be quite good. From the rocky shore to the  beach, it's nice and quiet here, no Sea-Doos.  There are only a few scattered boats anchored along the coast and best of all, no crowds.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Karen & Esa Visit

With Karen & Esa we travel throughout the northern Exumas, snorkeling, beaching, shelling and just having a good time.  I'll post some great photos when I get a better connection.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Norman's Cay

Again we are at Norman's Cay.  Esa and Karen are with us.  Beaches, shelling, dinghy rides in "skinny" water.  Fun!