Thursday, November 28, 2013

Rocket Launch, Nope.

Just by coincidence we plan to stop at Addison Point, Cape Cenaveral and SpaceX has a launch planned for 17:38, bonus!

Never happened, not sure why.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Daytona Beach, Seabreeze

We decided to pull over here, just North of Seabreeze Blvd. Bridge. Good holding with the Delta, 100' of chain, 15-20 kt NW-N clocking over night to NE, but finally dropping to 15 kts. Nice evening on the hook, running the genny, heat, after the cold front we are now seeing 45F.


Back Aboard

Always Interesting on a Boat. We left Sylken Sea at St. Marys Boat Services,  GA. Rocky, Terri & staff are good folks. A very good DYI yard if you are looking for one.

Anyway, we are always in a rush (at least I am, type A). We are in the sling and the engine start BATT is dead, shows 12.5, but no AMPS, as soon as we load it 0.0 V, it's dead and my fault for only checking the voltage not the capacity. Luckily, Rocky has a brand new 4D, flooded cell start battery, his guy Bill is awesome, knows his stuff,  switches out the battery but also questions and checks the wiring, turns out all is well, he just wants to get it right. Now she starts, I run through the checks, thumbs up, all gauges "green". Then as they are about to release us an alarm, Trac, low oil level, what the F***? I just checked it, the tank was full, Oh, Oh! Hydraulic leak? Yep, very strange, the mechanical pressure gauge mounted on the control manifold for the bow thruster had a catastrophic failure, rare (I hope), spilling hydraulic oil like a cut juggular. Bill pulls the gauge, turns out the connection is not standard, 7/16-20 thread, what now? Well thanks to the course I took at TRAC (where I met our now good friend Ray Nordstrom, Cracker Jack) we have a variety of hydraulic fittings for just such an occasion. We block the port and after a three hour delay are on our way. Thanks Rocky, Bill, Jeff, Terri & team.