Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Hardtop Project Part 2

The lamination begins! Starting with a release layer wetted out with epoxy, then a layer of woven bidirectional carbon also wetted out, topped with 1/2 foam coring. On top of the foam coring both bidirectional and unidirectional carbon all wetted out with West System epoxy by rollers.

Mold is waxed then a release layer is laid and wetted out with epoxy

The bottom bidirectional carbon has been laid and wetted out. On top of that layer you can see the 1/2" foam coring. The unidirectional is laid in a strategic pattern to add stiffness. The first few pieces of bidirectional are being laid on top, all wetted out as the process moves forward.

Final few pieces of bidirectional carbon fiber being laid.

All the carbon is now laid down and wetted out with rollers.

Laying down a perforated release layer, This film has tiny pin holes to allow the vacuum to work effectively.

Perforated film in place. Laying down the bleed layer begins.

 Bleed layer laid down and being trimmed.

All bagged and under vacuum, the vacuum draws out any air, excess epoxy and compresses the carbon, Light and strong!

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