Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Jim & Nettie in George Town

Jim & Nettie arrive!  Good friends from our Leaf Rapids days, now live not too far from us in Chatsworth, ON.  We are thrilled they could make the time to visit us in the Exumas! 


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back to George Town

We leave Long Island and fish our way back in Exuma Sound; lucky to land a nice little Blackfin Tuna. Yummy!  We stayed in George Town for about a week.  Hooked up with Bill & Ruth on Nordhaven 'Tautaug'. Sure glad we got to see you again before you headed north!

Ray and Bonnie from Crackerjack joins us in George Town. We hang out for a few days before our respective guests arrive. Some wind but we are holding fine off of Sand Dollar Beach.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Adderly Plantation Ruins

Another fascinating shore excursion on Long Island.  The Adderly Plantation was started in the late 1700's by loyalists from the Carolinas.  It had a few years of prosperity until the slavery was abolished  in 1834.  Following this there were years of turmoil, tragedy and change until the plantation was severely damaged by the hurricane of 1926 and abandoned.  Amazing the amount of energy that went into the building of this plantation, cotton and livestock, sheep, goats, horses were all raised here.

Hamilton Caves

Long Island, great place!  If you come over put Thompson's Bay on your list.  Stop in at Long Island Breezes, Mike will take good care of you. It's a great place with WiFi, dingy dock, laundry, showers and best of all great hosts and great food!  Mike will give you good advice on the many things to do and see on this Island.  On the first day we take the rental car and head south from Salt Pond stopping at the Museum and for Lunch in Clarence town.  On the way back "home" we have arranged for a tour of the Hamilton Caves.  Leonard Cartwright is our host and tour guide.  This, folks, is not to be missed!  The caves are spectacular and Leonard will give you a good history lesson on the caves and the people that have used them over the past 1,000 years or so.  Contact Leonard Cartwright to arrange for a tour of this "must do" excursion.

'dem Bones

I'm on my knees on a mangrove flat, tide has started to turn, in very skinny water with their tail & dorsal fins out of the water,  bones!  A short cast, 30 feet.  Looks like it should be easy, the line in the air must have spooked them, they bolt before the fly hits the water.  I spend the next two hours "stalking" them.  Finally connect, way into the backing, nice bone, maybe 3-4 lbs.  After releasing the fish there is a big commotion off to my left in shallow water around a clump of mangroves.  Cudas?  I go to investigate, a group of 8-10 bones are on a feeding frenzy!  Must have ganged up on a large crab.  I saw lots of crabs here, both in the water and land crabs scampering on the bank.

Bahamas Update

Hi all, been away from WiFi so we are a bit behind.  Left the Exumas Land & Sea Park, headed south, stopped at Black Point for a few days while the wind blew 15-20.  Did manage a morning fishing just before the wind picked up, mahi & mackerel, enough for a few meals.  Once the winds started to drop we headed south hoping to go direct to Long Island but the seas were still a bit lumpy and on the nose as well we were not making great time so we would arrive after dark, not really what we wanted to do so southward we go to Georgetown.  Talked to Sea Fox, Dennis & Julie were northbound, heading back to Stuart.  We get to the floating "city" off Stocking Island and have a wonderful visit from Bill & Ruth on Tautaug.  Good to see you again!  Hope to get back before you leave Georgetown but it is going to blow again this week.  After a brief stop we go over to Long Island.