Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wayfarers Cove

Well here we are, at the yard waiting to be hauled. This will be our second time being hauled for routine maintenance, bottom paint, prop speed etc. This is a pretty spot, well protected and the people are really good.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On to Adams Creek

Great kayking here in Adam's Creek. The only downside is the boat wake from the sport fish boats that just don't have any consideration for others as they roar past in this narrow channel. Well, I should say, most don't. There are a few who care enough to slow down.


We stopped at Casper's Marina for the night. We were three Canadian boats tied up at the dock. Finding an Irish pub with live music, good beer, good food and a very happening place just a very short walk from the marina was a nice surprise. We had a fun evening. We will be going back. It's also a great place to fuel up, the price being one of the best around.

Wrightsville Beach

Great spot, we enjoy both the busy town and the beautifull "wild beach" on Masonboro Island. This has become a favorite spot to stop.

Pine Island to Wrightstville

It looked like we had 3-4 days of decent sea conditions with the the only issue being T storms so we decided to make a run for the north while we had the chance. Dodging a few storms, we made for Cape Fear just to realize that we would arrive at about 3am. Change of plans; we decided to carry on instead and come in at Wrightsville Beach via the Masonboro Inlet. That inlet is a great place to come in at with a good anchorage right there.

ICW northbound

After a rest in Ft. Pierce we travelled the ICW north, the seas offshore being 4-6 ft right on the nose and forecasted to get bigger before subsiding.  We anchored along the way and eventually wound up at Pine Island just north of St. Augustine.

Ft. Pierce, CBP

Clearing customs here was really easy. We called the central number for CBP and were given a clearance number and told to report to a customs officer within 24 hours.  Steve from Sequel graciously drove us out to the Ft. Pierce Airport; 15 minutes and a few forms later we were all done.

Bahamas to the USA

Here is a general update. I still can't figure out how to back date posts so from here forward you may just have to guess at the actual date that these posts took place.  If I could get my act together and post regularly like our friend Esa does then things would be pretty much in the correct order.
Anyway, from memory after Tim & Cheryl's visit, we made our way to Green Turtle Cay only to have to return to Marsh Harbour to have all the house batteries replaced. While there we met up with 'Coral Bay', a KKY48 Classic. Once the batteries were replaced we headed back to Green Turtle Cay and dropped anchor at Coco Bay. Betty and Jill on 'LiLi' joined us in the anchorage for a few days. Green Turtle and New Providence are one of our favorite stops in the Abacos.
From Green Turtle we headed west to Alan's Pensacola for a few days then back east to Cave Cay. Checking the shallow VPR route in the dingy we decided to go down into the Bight of Abaco. If you have Garmin or Explorer charts follow them exactly on a high tide. You can carry a 5-6' draft but make sure you have timed the tide correctly.
Once in the Bight we anchored at Sweetings Cay, then Basin Harbour Cay and finally at Mores Island.  The next morning we headed out for a crossing to Ft. Pierce. All went well and 29 hours later we entered the Ft. Pierce Inlet.

Found The App.

OK, back on the Android, lets see how this works. I downloaded the free blogger app. So far this looks easy.
Now lets add a picture.........

Google has changed Blogger

OK, so this is a bit frustrating. Blogger has changed the interface so now it will not work properly from my Android Galaxy Tablet, and Android is a google product!  So I'm stuck with this big clunky Windows Laptop.  To add to this frustration, try blogging from the Bahamas on really slow connections! I now cannot figure out how to edit the post dates on blogger's new interface, grrrrrrr.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Little Harbour

Ken and Carol left 2 days ago and yesterday Tim & Cheryl joined us in Marsh Harbour. As soon as they boarded we weighed anchor and headed to Matt Lowes Cay for the night.
This morning we headed down to Lynyard Cay and dropped the anchor. We dinghied over to Little Harbour Cay where we first checked out the bronze sculptures in the gallery then from there we went for a walk to the light house ruins. That made us thirsty and hungry so we carried on to Pete's pub for drinks, a little dominoes and a great dinner. I think this is my favorite spot for a meal in the Abacos. The fish is freshly caught and you sit at an outside table with your bare feet in the sand!  It's a great spot and we highly recommend it.  Be sure to tour the bronze gallery and take in the history of this very cool spot.