Friday, October 19, 2012

Getting Anxious

The weather here in Guelph is typical mid fall, the leaves, the smell, the wind, the cool mornings, the rain off and on. Typicall fall weather. I like it but...........time to get the boat south?

Monday, October 15, 2012

Getting Ready to Cruise

Well, after nearly 5 months away from Sylken Sea, we spent the last week on board while on the hard at Wayfarers Cove in NC. The yard is nearly done with the bottom paint. We worked on anchors, engine, genny impellers, changed Racors, polished stainless and such. We're back home now until the end of October. We hope to be ready to cruise south by Nov. 1st.
While at Wayfarers we met John & Barbara on a KK42 that they are working on and Ron and Judy from Saltspring Island on a 38' sailboat named "Pioneer". We enjoyed getting together and socializing once again with some like minded boaters.
Talked to Steve &Theresa on Sea Quill, they were at Moorehead City, not too far from here, heading south and planning on staying in Fort Pierce with Sequel.
Here at home it is windy, wet and chilly, time to get outta here!