Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cam, Meg and Friends In Great Guana Cay

April 28 to May 5/13
From Lynyard Cay in the Abacos we eventually made our way to Great Guana Cay to rendezvous with our son and daughter in law, Cam and Meg. They rented a house there along with our niece Maria and her fiance Bill and five other friends. It was a total blast meeting, and meeting up, with everyone. Although the weather was not typical for the Bahamas for that time of year (cloudy and overcast most of the week, and a little cool) the gang found plenty to do. They enjoyed it all including the short excursions on the boat.

In the dinghy on the way back to the boat from Man-O-War Cay.
Swimming and snorkeling off of the swim platform, Great Guana Cay

Fishin' from the bow at anchor.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

April 28, Abaco, here we come

Eleuthera was a blast as we toured the town together and stocked up on supplies etc. We all spent a couple of days there. Crossing to Abaco from North Eleuthera was a bit bumpy but the 4-6' swell was 10-12 seconds and on the beam with, at times, a 2-3' wind chop on top of the swells, Thank goodness for stabilizers! We did a bit of corkscrewing coming into Little Harbour! Glad to be anchored at Lynyard Cay. Escapade is here already. They were just a couple of hours ahead of us. Dream Weaver will catch up tomorrow.

Sylken Sea anchored at Governor's Harbour, Eleuthera.  Dream Weaver and Escapade also here. 
All of us waiting for a taxi to take us to the 'Leon Levy Native Plant Reserve’