Monday, April 25, 2016

On the "Hard "

Hauled in Le Marin, Martinique,  shrink wrap guys have the webbing in place, very efficient yard. We are stored on concrete. Nice.

Diamond Rock

This is an awesome rock formation for all you  geology types, I think a plutonic plug? Jim, Steve, your thoughts? Definitely of young volcanic origin.

At Anchor, Martinique

Ste. Anne anchorage,  yes it is a busy place, we anchor way out, lots of boats still but spread out so you have enough privacy,  clear water, nice breezes.

Windlass Part 3

The angle drive had worked lose, same as previous. This time I had the proper degrease cleaner and proper Loctite and Permatex sealant/thread locker on board.  Again text and voice coaching from Scotty  (Scott Wiley Marine Services) and we had this puppy apart, cleaned up, reassembled and ready to install. 

I must admit, the inner workings of this winch are impressive, looks very robust to me.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dead in the water at sea?

I always wondered how the  boat would behave in a sea of 4-5', with a total loss of power.  Surprisingly quite well. We tested Sylken Sea during our fishing trip. We intentionally shut the boat down and did some drift fishing in 4-5' seas. The sail boat crowd did not even flinch.  For us it was like Bequia and Friendly bay at anchor when the swell moves in.