Thursday, February 28, 2013


Here we are with Paul and Karin from Dream Weaver at Sampson Cay. We'll be holding for a few days, hoping Sea Quill and Escapade can catch up. Jumentos and Raggeds are next. At least we hope, weather being the controlling factor.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yikes, they are following us!

Live Ships Map - AIS - Vessel Traffic and Positions
Only thing they did not realize was that we are the only Krogen Submarine. Resurfaced this morning in the Berrys.

West Palm to Great Harbour Cay

We departed the anchorage at West Palm Beach at 7 am and headed south close to shore due to strong current. By 13:00 we were off of Pompano Beach, made a 90 to port, and headed towards The Hen & Chicken Rocks. We let the current push us just north of the bank. We made 6.5 kts most of the way burning 2 gpm at 1600 so we lost about 0.5 kts to the Gulf Stream, otherwise we would have ended up in Freeport. Conditions were acceptable, mostly 2-3' with occasional 3-4' in 15-20 kts from 165-180. The ride was fine just a bit "splashy". We ran through the night in the NW Providence Channel and tied up in Great Harbour by 8:15 am. It was pretty easy. We cleared customs. No issues there. We asked for and got 120 days. Nassau next then a short side trip (by air) to Miami to visit friends. Ken went home and froze his butt off for a few days, Sylvianne returned to Nassau. We should be departing Nassau for the northern Exumas on Feb. 24th.
The marina at Great Harbour Cay where we cleared customs. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Not Tied Down

Free again! We left Stuart and had a great time at Peck Lake with good company and nice walks on the beach. Good to be on the hook and free from the dock.

Tonight finds us in West Palm, anchored and loving it. If the wind lays down, like the forecast predicts, we'll be "outta here" in the am. We hope to head to Great Harbour Cay.
Cheers all and safe travels.
K & S