Saturday, November 9, 2019

Hardtop Project, Part 6

The support structure is mostly carbon/epoxy/foam core construction but the "flange" that will be bonded to the flybridge coaming is solid glass/epoxy. In the previous post you can see the planning and mock up of the design. This way Paul uses the boat as a  "pattern" to accurately transfer dimensions to the workshop.  I should mention, Sylken sea is on the hard, 5 meters from Paul's shop. Convenient and efficient.

Below: This is solid glass/epoxy and will become the flange that is bonded to the boat. I thought using the boat as the "mold" was a clever idea. Once the support is bonded to this flange the entire piece will be released from the "mold" and taken to the shop for finishing.

Below: The carbon/foam/epoxy support leg bonded to the flange.

Below: Supports and flange remove and "rough" finished in the shop. Each of these weigh only 11 kg!

Below: Detail of flange/support temporarily in position. As expected the fit is perfect.

It's starting to come together now!

The top will have an opening that these supports fit into, fairly snug fit, the openings are molded into the top.  The plan is to bond the top to the supports on the boat then remove the entire structure as one single piece for painting before the final installation.

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