Monday, December 12, 2016


Back on board but still on the hard in Martinique, we need batteries so really can't cruise too far until we get them replaced. Launch on the 14th, hoping the marina in Marin can find a place for us, Seamantha and Partners are there, we are planning to have a get together for Christmas.

It has been a real treat to be in a boat yard that is concrete rather than mud! we have had plenty of squally weather, one minute it is sun and the next the wind kicks up and you have 10 minutes of POURING RAIN! But it's a "warm rain" 30C here every day, 10pm now and its a comfortable 26C.

Sammy liked the yard's 440 Ton  lift, they have two here, a 440T and a 110T.

Besides getting the boat ready we have been enjoying Martinique, love this place, France in the Caribbean. Great food, hiking, and super friendly people, very helpful, always a smile for you.

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