Sunday, December 18, 2016

Battery Upgrade?

Our house battery bank needs replacing, the battery guys tell us no battery survives very long the way we use our boat and the heavy AC load from the refrigerator does not help. So we are sticking our neck out and trying a newer AGM technology. Nigel Calder has been testing these and so far (year 2) is impressed. These batteries we are told can operate at PSOC for extended periods resisting sulfation that combined with high temperatures (our batteries are in the engine room in the tropics!) has been killing our batteries in 3-4 years. There are some important considerations though, the new batteries benefit from a balanced bank and you most have programmable charging sources as the float charge must be 13.2V or less. Below is our plan to balance the battery bank.

Important, all cables interconnecting must be the same length and gauge.

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