Saturday, March 5, 2016

Back On Line

OK, sorry for the lack of posts here. Something went wrong with our Sylken Sea Google account. Hoping it is now fixed.

Anyway sitting in Robert "Righteous" & the Youth's Bar in Mayreau (pronounced My-Row), SVG with guests Ken & Carol. We are all getting caught up on our digital toys.It has been a busy month since Marigot Bay St Lucia. After a stop in Rodney Bay (check out the Micro Brewery!) we spent a week or so in Martinique, had a rental car and did some touring with Vladimir & Marina, hung out with them and with Jason & Laura and John & Roberta. then back to Bequia, on to Mustique and now Mayreau.  OK, the crew says it's time to leave the bar and head back to Sylken Sea so I'm signing off.

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