Sunday, November 30, 2014

Now In Miami

Left Stuart, headed down the ICW to WPB. Spent a day at anchor.  We were expecting to be in WPB for a few days, the forecast offshore being NASTY, but we did not relish the Bridge run south of here.
We wake up in the morning to find there's no wind so at 7:00 am we depart WPB and head 'outside' to travel directly to Miami.  Yes, the winds did kick in as forecast but by then we were already well underway. So here we are, on the outside, 15-20 kts from the E-NE, mostly 3-5' seas,  an occasional 4-6', with a few 8's just for fun,  beam to stern quarter. The stabs worked hard but all was good.  New auto pilot pump combined with a Scotty auto pilot setup and all systems are working GREAT!

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