Wednesday, November 26, 2014


OK, it's been a very busy few weeks here at Sunset Bay, Stuart. A huge "Thank You" to all who helped us get "ready".
Kudos: Scotty, Philip, George, Angel, Bill & Ann, did I mention Bill who spent a day on our boat with Scotty and I??  Thanks Bill.

Also thanks to all who were sympathetic, yes she now looks "just like new".

At the "Seal trial" this morning we had some adventure. Scotty and Sylvianne manned the lines as getting off the fuel dock was interesting to say the least. A big nasty squall decided to make itself felt just as we were untying from the fuel dock. We went bow in at the slip. I did not want to even think of banging the swim platform on the dock, so I chickened out on the usual stern in  docking plan. Bow in was easy! It was nice to have Scotty on board to help with that one and a huge relief once we were securely tied down.
We are departing in the am.

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