Thursday, October 23, 2014

Catch Up Time

OK, sorry followers. I got lazy, complacent etc. Blogging from my tablet is not that friendly, the APP has changed again, might get better. Cuba was an experience, I will post more on that. Following Cuba we did a quick trip to Abaco via Miami, Then an interesting trip north to the Chesapeake, off shore except for an 8 hour diversion to "sleep" in Wrightsville  due to storms and water spout warnings. Then back out around the cape to Hampton where we cleared back in from the Bahamas. Next stop Onancock,  where we "stumble" on the Woodards, "The Good Life".  Bang on the hull, yep they are up and away we all go into town for breakfast and a catch up. Following that we head to Pocomoke, visit our good friends Ray & Bonnie "Cracker Jack" and Arthur & Eloise. From Pocomoke we have a wonderful 2 week cruise to Solomon's. The boat gets hauled and stored, we go home.  Another story. Talk again soon.

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