Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bahamas to the USA

Here is a general update. I still can't figure out how to back date posts so from here forward you may just have to guess at the actual date that these posts took place.  If I could get my act together and post regularly like our friend Esa does then things would be pretty much in the correct order.
Anyway, from memory after Tim & Cheryl's visit, we made our way to Green Turtle Cay only to have to return to Marsh Harbour to have all the house batteries replaced. While there we met up with 'Coral Bay', a KKY48 Classic. Once the batteries were replaced we headed back to Green Turtle Cay and dropped anchor at Coco Bay. Betty and Jill on 'LiLi' joined us in the anchorage for a few days. Green Turtle and New Providence are one of our favorite stops in the Abacos.
From Green Turtle we headed west to Alan's Pensacola for a few days then back east to Cave Cay. Checking the shallow VPR route in the dingy we decided to go down into the Bight of Abaco. If you have Garmin or Explorer charts follow them exactly on a high tide. You can carry a 5-6' draft but make sure you have timed the tide correctly.
Once in the Bight we anchored at Sweetings Cay, then Basin Harbour Cay and finally at Mores Island.  The next morning we headed out for a crossing to Ft. Pierce. All went well and 29 hours later we entered the Ft. Pierce Inlet.

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