Friday, March 11, 2011

'dem Bones

I'm on my knees on a mangrove flat, tide has started to turn, in very skinny water with their tail & dorsal fins out of the water,  bones!  A short cast, 30 feet.  Looks like it should be easy, the line in the air must have spooked them, they bolt before the fly hits the water.  I spend the next two hours "stalking" them.  Finally connect, way into the backing, nice bone, maybe 3-4 lbs.  After releasing the fish there is a big commotion off to my left in shallow water around a clump of mangroves.  Cudas?  I go to investigate, a group of 8-10 bones are on a feeding frenzy!  Must have ganged up on a large crab.  I saw lots of crabs here, both in the water and land crabs scampering on the bank.

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