Friday, March 11, 2011

Bahamas Update

Hi all, been away from WiFi so we are a bit behind.  Left the Exumas Land & Sea Park, headed south, stopped at Black Point for a few days while the wind blew 15-20.  Did manage a morning fishing just before the wind picked up, mahi & mackerel, enough for a few meals.  Once the winds started to drop we headed south hoping to go direct to Long Island but the seas were still a bit lumpy and on the nose as well we were not making great time so we would arrive after dark, not really what we wanted to do so southward we go to Georgetown.  Talked to Sea Fox, Dennis & Julie were northbound, heading back to Stuart.  We get to the floating "city" off Stocking Island and have a wonderful visit from Bill & Ruth on Tautaug.  Good to see you again!  Hope to get back before you leave Georgetown but it is going to blow again this week.  After a brief stop we go over to Long Island.

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