Monday, February 21, 2011

Krogens in the Exumas

We have run across a few other Krogens on our way south, Grand Adventure now in Rum Cay heading to T & C, 'Puffin' now in Georgetown, beginning to travel north, 'Muddy Waters' and 'Sea Fox' in Georgetown I believe. We saw them in Nassau a few weeks back.  We also spoke to Manatee 'Second Star', a very handsome restoration, last seen at Shroud Cay.  We saw a pair of 42's, 'Broulee' and 'Big Run', at Norman's Cay, north bound.  We also know 'Bodacious' has headed south and 'Cocoon II' is in the area but we have not seen or met them yet.  We are slowly moving south, really slowly, so anyone on their way over should easily catch us before Georgetown.  Ray & Bonnie on 'Crackerjack' are on their way this week; more Krogens & kayaks, bring 'em on!  It really is "Better in the Bahamas".


  1. I believe the other Krogen with Broulee is called Big Run. They are on a voyage from Chesapeake Bay to Alaska.

  2. I don't know who wrote this, but thank you. I thought that that was what Broulee said but when I can't find them on the Krogen list, I wasn't sure. Anyway, thanks again.