Sunday, January 30, 2011

Maxwell Windlass

The windlass is leaking oil again; this happened on our maiden voyage, leaked gear oil after a few uses.  We called Krogen, they sent us to the Ft. Lauderdale "dealer".  Maxwell does not cover the remove/refit labour, only the repair.  Costs us a few $$ on a brand new boat (see Maxwell Windlass Part II)  but to make matters worse they did not do a proper reinstall, too much to get into here.

Long story short, a year later we are are back in the Bahamas and we have oil leaking out of the windlass!  This time I decided to take it apart  myself.  Disappointing to see that whoever was in here last did nothing to prevent corrosion as per the installation manual. No big deal we caught it early, I can deal with that.  3 of the 4 gearbox bolts are loose and oil is leaking from the gearbox/ motor right angle flange.  Either the static "o" ring has failed (not likely) or the bolts are loose.  I have to join the Admiral & guest for dinner, to be continued!  Maxwell do have a good exploded view in their manual but it does not fully match our build.

If you have a Maxwell, beware, it needs attention and best you learn to do it yourself!


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