Wednesday, December 1, 2010

North Carolina, time to head south!

We get back from Taiwan and head to Wayfarer's Cove.  Thanks Tom & crew for taking good care of us and being so helpful. Krogen folks, if you are following, good place to stop and get your bottom "done".  Nice people, be sure to call ahead and get some advice entering. You'll need it, it's very interesting!  After leaving Wayfarer's we anchor in Adams Creek, then depart at daybreak. The weather is not favorable to go offshore at Moorehead City so we stay inside. Stop at Casper's for some fuel and anchor in Mile Hammock Bay.  The front comes through, the wind howls and the rain comes down in buckets.  The next morning, with the wind blowing, we decide to stay put.  We can't go offshore and the ICW south of Wrightsville is not an appealing option for us.

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