Friday, December 18, 2015

Trinidad to Carriacou

We departed Crews Inn Marina, Chaguaramas after clearing outbound and collecting our duty free at 9:45 am, December 8th, 2015. Stopped to take on 1,000L diesel at Power Boats then out to sea we go. Once offshore the winds are 090@16-18kts, seas 4-6'. We are running at 1600 RPM, 2.1 GPH and making about 6.5kts. There is a current through here so we have a bit of a "head wind" component. We see several of the Venezuelan fishing boats, no pirogues though and we are happy about that. We run into numerous squalls in the afternoon, nothing serious just a good wash and some 20-30kt gusts. By 19:30 local time the wind and seas have kicked up pretty good, the current has also changed, this time in our favour, good thing otherwise it would be wind against current. With the wind now 100@22-25 kts and the seas? Can't see much, a very dark night but we are getting rolled around, the stabilizers cannot keep up and once in awhile we get caught by a good wave (7-8 feet?) at times it feels we are sliding sideways but I think it is just rolling a lot, no one gets any sleep in these conditions, luckily it is only another 2-3 hours before we are in the lee of Grenada. The rest of the trip was easier, a few lumps between Grenada and Carriacou, we stayed west of "Kick 'em Jenny" the active subsea volcano to avoid the worst of the currents. By 7:10 on the 9th we are anchored in Tyrell Bay Carriacou, right off the beach in front of DJ's Bar. Catch a short nap before we go into Customs & Immigration.

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