Friday, April 17, 2015


March 6-16, 2015

Our US Cruising License made our arrival in the US Virgin Islands a simple phone call to customs. Easy. Ken & Carol had already cleared in in Puerto Rico so no one needed to appear at immigration. Great!

We picked up a mooring at Caneel Bay. Endless ferry wake and being rocked constantly prompted us to move on to Francis Bay the next day, just around the corner. It's a busy spot but very nice with a small but good beach, some hiking, and best of all, no ferry wake!

Hiking, USVI
Guest Ken & Ken walked from Francis Bay to Coral Harbor via the Francis Trail then down the road to the Lienster Bay trail. At Waterlemon Bay we pick up the John Horn Trail. Yes, a steep section but really with good shoes not too difficult. Take your time, stop catch your breath and carry on.
The sign kinda says it all.
Waterlemon Bay, the best anchorage (mooring) we have found so far in St. John, USVI.  Wow, mega wow. It reminds us of Georgian Bay. It's  intimate and it's sheltered. We swim to the beach and there's good snorkeling. Great hiking trails too! We have lunch at Skinny Legs in Coral Harbor then walk to the grocery store about a mile or so away. A good hike for sure.  Loving St. John. Loving this spot, loving life!

Even better IMO than Waterlemon is Lameshure Bay. Good snorkeling right off the boat. You can hike the entire Island from here on well marked trails that vary from old roads (200+ years) to walking paths. We highly recommend a few days here.

Enjoyed St. John USVI. Cruz Bay with it's nice shops and restaurants, good moorings in beautiful bays, snorkeling, hiking, a day at the beach. Then Coral Bay, Skinny Legs, cool little bars and restaurants.

K Smooooth, Carol & us at "Skinny Legs" Coral Bay, St. John

How do you eat these things?

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