Saturday, April 11, 2015

Bumpy Ride

March 6, 2015

Bumpy Ride!

The wind has been relentless for weeks 20-25kts 6-8' seas for the last few weeks. A short “break' appears to be on the horizon. We decide to make the short crossing to the USVI. As soon as we were out of the lee we encountered very rough seas combined with current to give us the infamous “washing machine” effect. 5-7' with sets of larger waves on a 5 second interval made for an uncomfortable ride. The boat was impressive once again, we just slowed it down to about 4kts and let her ride up and down, took quite a bit of spray but no pounding, no green water on deck although a few times I was sure we were going to “bury the anchors”. Nope, so much buoyancy forward along with that nice high bow does it once again. Sorry Ken & Carol, we did not do that on purpose, honest!

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