Friday, January 30, 2015

Snapper Veracruz, the aftermath.

Guess it worked out.
See you soon.

In The Galley

Preparing Snapper Veracruz at anchor, Boqueron, PR. Adding sliced lobster tail.  Photos aren't great from a Samsung phone. My fav: Fuji X100 with so much colour and control.  Such is blogging from a phone. Anyway, you get the idea. Cruising south so far has been a blast.
Till next time.

Loving Puerto Rico

Well, we have been here in Puerto Real, Puerto Rico, a month now with a week side trip via Jet Blue/United to a destination wedding in Mexico. Love this island.  Mofongo! Viejo San Juan,  the mountain villages, mountain views and crazy roads. Beaches, food, Don Q. Connected with Seamantha in Viejo San Juan. Had a great visit with J&P. Back now and have finally left the Marina.  At anchor in Boqueron. We plan to take a leisurely cruise along the south coast then on to Culebra to meet up with Seamantha,  Anne Louise and "any other Krogen" that we might come across.

Monday, January 12, 2015


Ok, I now have the Blogger App working on my phone. Cool!  I might be missing my Fuji X100 shots but loving the freedom to be spontaneous. Life is full of compromises. Blog on!


Here in Puerto Real we have a Pescadoria right at the Marina. Yumm. Logosto (lobster), chillo (snapper), pulpo (octopus), can't get any fresher than this!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Finally, the Carribean!

We depart Miami Dec 7th. After some great weather and great crossings, a short stop in the Turks & Caicos Islands and the Dominican Republic plus a trip home and finally crossing the Mona Passage last night (the "lumpy" night) we are greeted in Puerto Real, Puerto Rico by John & Paulette on "Seamantha"! Finally we catch up! They have been a big help along they way with advice and lining up marinas for us. Shortly after we tied up at the fuel dock, Duane and June, on Cabo Rico 42 "Sea Clearly" arrive as well. New Years dinner on Seamantha! Now hoping Bill & Anne of "Anne Louise" are not far behind. It's really NICE and HOT here this evening!

More than halfway to Trinidad! Time now to slow down and begin enjoying the islands.

Happy New Year!

Leaving the DR behind

We leave on schedule, 10:30 am on the 31st of December from Samana, Dominican Republic. New Year's at sea! The seas were at times confused, winds varied berween 10-20kts from E-ES to E-NE but we are given a worthy farewell from the DR with another lovely sunset as we leave the coast.