Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Krogens in Miami

Stevedore and LiLi arrive. We are waiting on weather. They are moving south to the Keys. Tom and Phyllis of Cocoon II, stop by in their big tender. It's a nice ride, and like us,  they too are waiting on weather. All reports are looking like late Sat, early Sun to cross the stream. Sylvianne and I spent the day on boat projects and last minute provisioning. We're really looking fwd to moving south but we are going miss cruising here in the states and Bahamas and hooking up with the likes of LiLi, Crackerjack, Follow Me, CloverLeaf, Steadfast, Wanderer's Rest, Mystic Moon, Silver Bay, The Good Life, Gratitude, Coral Bay, Morning Star, Compass Rose, Ariel, Salt & Light, Seaclusion, Sea Quill, Epilogue, Puffin , (Sandy & Glen in the not too distant future perhaps?). Sorry if we missed anyone. Happy travels and safe passages to all of the cruisers and people we meet along the  way.

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