Thursday, October 23, 2014

New Adventure!

Well, yes, I have not forgotten to post more on our last adventure (soon as I figure out how to post a video) but we are about to start the next one. So follow along. When we looked for a boat this was the cruise we were planning as a starter. Test ourselves and our vessel at sea, then decide what we would want to do next.

We are at Spring Cove, Solomon's, MD on the Chesapeake. Scotty and Katie have been getting us ready for a 3+ year adventure to the "deep south" as Scotty calls it. That's very new for us but finally we have the freedom to really use the boat and go "down island". We got some great coaching from Paul & Karin on "Dream Weaver" and it boils down to "just do it".

We plan to leave early in the morning. Stand by, I just found the "post video" button! Fingers crossed!

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