Saturday, March 24, 2012

Great Guana to Georgetown

Perhaps we've already mentioned this, but it has been very windy here this year and  the temps rather cool.  The water is 74-75 degrees and the air temperatures are 74-78F.  I like it at about 5-10 degrees warmer. In fact 80-85 degrees is perfect.  It's also very dry here so warm temperatures are nice and comfortable.

The winds are all “trade winds” at 090-120 degrees but they are relentless, 20+ kts seems to be the norm this year.  OK at anchor in the lee but it's a challenge to head into the ocean for fishing or crossing to some other interesting destinations.

This morning we decide to make the trip to Georgetown. It's not a long trip or a big “crossing”, about 8 hours, but we hope to catch a mahi for dinner.  We're departing at 8 am so we can time the tide at the cut. The wind is still a bit gusty at 15-20kts. We stay in the lee on the bank side for the first 2 hours, then out Galliot Cut we go at high slack tide. The cut is “flat” but the seas are not, 4-6’ on the nose so it's bouncy!

As soon as we get into 200 feet of water out go two lines on the out riggers (too rough to set extra lines off the boat deck).  Shortly thereafter we have our first mahi!  Then a bit later, another! We clean them and carry on.  The wind and seas have dropped a bit to 14 kts with 3-4' seas. That's much better.

After a lunch of Sylvianne's fresh baked bread and egg salad, oranges and a can of V8, the admiral says I can keep fishing as long as I am releasing.  We have plenty to eat.  I agree, unless of course we get a small tuna. Hmmm sashimi!  No such luck. Just before Conch Cut, near the entrance to Elizabeth Harbour, we hook a ‘cuda'. We let that toothy guy go.

It's very crowded at Monument Beach. Dream Weaver and Escapade are there. They come by in their dinghy to welcome us. We can't find enough “swing room”  near them to make me happy so we thread our way through the anchorage. We try at Volleyball Beach but cannot get the hook to hold.  Again, as always, it is crowded. I think the holding here is just plain “worn out”.  Eventually we get to Sand Dollar Beach with plenty of space to swing and the anchor grabs right away.

We are here, wine time, mahi for dinner!

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