Thursday, February 9, 2012

Catch Up Time!

Sorry, yes I know, where have we been and what are we doing? Well, after 2 months at Loggerhead in Stuart we both needed to leave the dock; not the good folks there, not Steve the Harbor Master and his team, we just needed to get moving, use the anchor and all those other systems before they all seize up. Guess we, like many of our Krogen friends, are just not dock people. We gotta keep movin'.

Anyway, it is now Feb 9 and we are anchored with a bunch of boats in Lake Sylvia, Ft. Lauderdale. It looks like the next good crossing is next week Tuesday toThursday so we may go on down to South Beach, hang there for a few days, dine out a few nights, maybe find our friends on Nordhaven Tautaug, then, on the first good window, we'll be Exumas bound, at least the northern Exumas. Not sure we need to do the Georgetown scene again this year, just too many boats! Perhaps Long Island, Cat Island, Conception, Rum Cay? Maybe even the Bight of Abaco or Andros. Ah! the season awaits us.

Cheers all, we will try and keep you posted.


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